How to Hire A Party Magician

Close-up magic is the most popular choice for people hiring magician. It is often seen at parties where the guests get a chance to witness a magician mingling among them performing feats of miracles either from borrowed objects or simple objects he has at hand. Very often, he performs tricks with the help of the audience around him. This is the perfect choice for parties where guests stand around eating finger food and holding drinks. Another type of close-up magic is table magic. It is usually performed in between course at wedding parties or dinners, balls and banquets. The performance is usually short, between 4 to 8 minutes) and has more structured feel to it. Close-up magicians can also be seen at Trade Shows to attract potential customers or clients to a stand. These performances are designed to highlight and showcase the features and benefits of the stand with amazing magic and not just some sale pitches. Visit animation innovante salon professionnel Paris

Cabaret Magic Show is a great choice for events where exciting magic can be enjoyed by all the guests in a short period of time. Close-up magicians who has performed strolling or table magic, will also include a 20 to 30-minute cabaret act either before, between or after dinner. Cabaret magic shows can be performed in many different styles ranging from traditional manipulation to mind reading to comedy. It all depends on the type of even you are holding. If you event has lots of non-English speakers, then a manipulation act is very suitable. If your event is meant for corporate or business in nature, then a mind reading magician is more appropriate. And if you want lots of audience participation and laughter, then a comedy magician is sure to bring out the joy in everyone. You may have seen cabaret magicians performing at clubs, cruise ships and concerts.

Drawing room magic shows have recently made a come-back at private parties where magician usually performed for 30 minutes after a dinner. It was immensely popular with the Victorians, but was almost a dead art for almost a hundred years. It is closely related to a cabaret show but a much smaller scale where audience get to watch and interact with the magician only a few feet away.

To avoid hiring industry “cowboys”, you may want to ask the following questions to ascertain his credentials:

1. How long have you been performing?

An experienced magician is the key to a great show and party. Although some magicians may look great on paper, without experience, the magic may be lost in a performance.

2. Can I watch your performance?

The answer you will expect depends on the type of performer you are hiring. If the magician works only at private parties and events that it will be impossible to see him work live.

3. Does your price include other charges?

This is important in a negotiation to avoid incurring expenses other than the fee quoted.

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