Make the Most of Lacrosse Recruiting Camps

Lacrosse is a great sport, and for some high school students it is a way to earn a scholarship to college, by playing on a college lacrosse team. If this is what you wish to do, you will need to start early and plan ahead in order to reach this goal. One of the important steps you can take is to attend lacrosse recruiting camps. College lacrosse recruiting coaches will be in attendance, and it gives you a great opportunity to not only show these coaches what you can do on the field, but to also check out the college where the camp takes place, and see how you like it. Best CT lacrosse club

Starting in your sophomore year in high school, you will want to start narrowing down your list of favorite colleges. By doing this, it helps you to focus your attention on the ones that can do the most for you. It also helps you to not waste time on those that for whatever reason dropped off your list.

Once you have a narrowed list, this can help you when it comes to lacrosse recruiting camps. You will want to begin your scholarship process by doing a little research. Check out each college in which you have an interest, and determine who the lacrosse coaching staff are, and what their scholarship requirements are. You will see that lacrosse college recruiting deals with academics in addition to sports, and you will find out what academic goals need to be met in order to qualify for a college lacrosse recruiting scholarship at the college of your choice.

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