The Why Of WordPress

So many “newbie” internet marketers struggle with the logistics of designing their first sites. Learning to code tables, CSS, Adsense, affiliate code positioning and the associated heavy lifting learning curve in executing all of this in an aesthetically appealing way is robbing them of their most precious resource: Time. Click the link for WordPress feedĀ 

I know this only because I wasted just about the first year of my online marketing experience on trying to design the perfect looking site. And with a constant stream of great sales and marketing messages brimming in my brain – I instead opted on perfecting the art of the *float* and *Divs* and making for fancy rollover effects with my navigational links..:-)

All of which made me a total of about Zero dollars – Which roughly translates into a piss poor ROI on time and effort spent launching my internet marketing empire!

In the end I became pretty good at making pretty pages. And guess what – other than the inherent value in learning something new, it was – by and large, a complete and utter waste of time and energy.

And if you are just starting out and jogging down the very same path – it will be even moreso for you. Why? Welcome to the Wonderful World of WordPress!

If you don’t already know, WordPress is a completely free, open source blogging platform that you install ( in about 5 minutes if you are really, really slow ) on your server. And while in it’s native *out of the box* condition it will act as a fully functioning website that sheds the moniker of a blog quicker than Clark Kent drops cape in a Manhattan phone booth – it will, properly configured with a few free plugins – run equally as efficiently as a full featured CMS solution as well.

Did I mention it’s free? And has been tested robustly by hundreds of thousands of users, and even if haven’t been paying attention, it’s likely that many of your favorite blogs are running WordPress.

I cover WordPress extensively with my coaching clients, and on my website – but for the rest of you, here are a few of the many features, benefits and advantages of choosing WordPress for your first foray into the wild and wacky world of internet marketing.

1) Plugins: WordPress has an active, open source community of developers who are constantly bringing forth great pieces of complimentary code to integrate with the software – Polls, Podpress, and a hodgepodge of other geek speak you need know nothing about to leverage efficiently on your site to impress your visitors and make maximize your moxey!


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